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Live TV - Ṩ{kanali}

Live TV - Ṩ{kanali}

DocFilm — It’s in the Air - The World of Aeroplankton

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29 Shkurt 2024
18:15 UTC
DocFilmIt’s in the Air - The World of Aeroplankton
It's a fascinating voyage of discovery, into the microscopic worlds that populate the Earth's atmosphere. A multitude of insects, seeds, pollen and bacteria - known as ‘air plankton’ -- live in the layer of gases and water that protects our Earth.
19:00 UTC
DW NewsNews
19:15 UTC
BusinessWhy is the West so desperate to compete with China's solar sector?
China controls the majority of the global manufacturing process for solar energy - a stark contrast to its position 15 years ago, when Europe was the sector's unchallenged leader. The reason? A heavily subsidized industry and lots of government financing. As well as a sharp decline in costs for consumers. But Western nations decry an unfair market advantage.